A collection of winning essays

Jacqueline Grifith

I was a camp counselor at a bereavement camp Delaware Hospice provided for children who had lost loved ones in the past year. Some of the children in attendance had lost relatives and friends within the few weeks before camp. I was intimidated by the thought of this camp at first. I had been trained […]

Briana Benenati

Dance, Dance, Where Ever You May Be Hop two, three, four, five, six, seven... back two, three... back two, three. If only I had known thirteen years ago how much these steps would form my life. Irish dance. To some, my obsession may seem like a silly cultural phenomenon. Big curly hair, 1950's style poodle […]

Brendan McDermott

Bleary eyes, hunched shoulders and a throbbing headache from information overload — no I'm not describing my late night study sessions. I'm imagining what scholarship applications must feel like from your perspective. Before you read any farther, I encourage you to indulge in a stretch break. It's important to me that you view my essay, […]

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