Adamari Rodriguez

My name is Adamari Rodriguez, I am from slower lower Millsboro Delaware where I graduated from Sussex Central High School in 2017 third in my class. I am the oldest of 3 girls, therefore, I had to quickly learn how to become like a second mother for my sisters. While I was growing up, I […]

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Justin Malone

"Can my friend get some water? She is overheating!" I overhear as I finish eating my fast food that somehow passes for a meal. As you know, curiosity killed the cat, and thank goodness I am not a feline because I would need many more than nine lives. As the battle between laziness and curiosity […]

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Justin Yeung

My family virtually started from the bottom. My parents and grandparents immigrated from China and built themselves up from the very bottom. They struggled in their villages growing up where they had virtually no income. My family immigrated to the United States searching for more opportunity but knew very little English. Maintaining their hard-working mentality, […]

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John Byler

I am the first in my father's family to accomplish a variety of achievements. My father was raised Amish, yes Lancaster County Amish, so he was not fortunate enough to experience the schooling and activities I have over the past eighteen years. First and foremost, I am an Eagle Scout, which less than 4% of […]

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Shea Sweeney

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" 6 year old me would have said a shoe designer. 10 year old me would have said an interior designer. 14 year old me would have said a doctor. 16 year old me would have said a nutritionist. But now, 18 year old me is […]

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Jonte Desire

Growing up as a small, brown child, I learned labels quicker than my times tables. Being called "stupid," "whore," "nigger," "bitch," and other slurs took my attention away from knowing the answer to 24x7. I had friends in my community, yet some seemingly had a distorted obsession with my brown appearance as if it were […]

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John Kane

For this John B. Lynch Scholarship, I was asked to write an essay on three different topics: my academic and personal goals, my summer employment experience, and a life experience. In doing this I hope the committee can get a better understanding of who I am as a candidate for the John B. Lynch Scholarship. […]

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Anna Masciantonio

My life journey began in Nanchang, China where I was born into a family I would never come to know. A few days after I was brought into this world, I was placed on the steps of a local orphanage with only a piece of paper stating my birth name, Li Li, and the date […]

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Shawn Mitchell

I plan to go to Frostburg State University to get a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries. I am interested in pursuing this degree because I have always wanted a job that allows me to be outside and not stuck in an office all day. I am also considering a minor in Parks and Recreation or […]

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