Ashley Margaret Adams
John B. Lynch Scholarship Essay

As I look back over the past year, I see an unbelievable whirl of energy and tasks. This time last year, I had just declared and been accepted into my major, Chemistry. Now, as I recall my success in the Honors Organic Chemistry, Honors Physical Chemistry, and the Honors Experimental courses required of me, I realize that all my hard work was very valuable. Sometimes, it is difficult to see the value of the twelve hour Saturdays in the libraries and the innumerable hours in lab. However, now I see that all of my scholastic endeavors are preparing me for a life where I will be able to face the many upcoming intellectual challenges with hard work and diligence. To be consistently challenged intellectually is what I have chosen as my academic goal. As a Chemistry and Chemical Biology Major at Cornell University, I decided to pursue a degree that is as rigorous as it is rewarding. After obtaining this degree, I plan to pursue a graduate degree in chemistry, focusing my research at the very interface of chemistry and biology.

To further the exploration of my research and job options, this past summer I returned to Intervet, Inc., a pharmaceutical research and development company, for an internship. Again, I found the internship rewarding, honing my skills as a scientist and learning techniques that I would not have been exposed to as a chemistry major. By choosing my internship in the filed of microbiology, I allowed my curiosity the freedom to explore and gained much knowledge by doing so.

This past summer I was also busy with a production of "Hello Dolly!" by the ClearSpace Production Company in Rehoboth, Delaware. This allowed me the amazing opportunity to join the stage again with classmates of old as well as the amazing New York based professional talent of Megan Thomas. The experience was a rewarding one and one that allowed me to stay fresh for my return to the Cornell stage in the fall.

I returned to school in the opening show at our school theater, the Schwartz Center. This production was a special one for me; I portrayed Lydia in Arthur Miller"s drama "All My Sons" with the incomparable Peter Michael Goetz headlining as our Distinguished Guest Artist. Peter was an amazing man to work with and was amazed at the talent and fervor of the five undergraduates cast in the show. My favorite memory was the day before classes when we were sitting on a couch waiting for the play run through to begin and Peter leaned over and asked if I had any classes in the building, meaning the Schwartz Theater. I replied that I didn"t and he looked confused. When I proceeded to tell him that I was a chemistry major, the look on his face was priceless. It was an experience I will never forget.

The next production I had the opportunity to be involved in was a premiere of a new adaptation of "Little Women" by our Artistic Director David Feldshuh. In this production I played the opposite of my womanly character in "All My Sons" as the ever petulant Amy. It was a great learning experience because working on a new piece with the author rewriting bits as the rehearsal process continues is sometimes frightening and always exciting.

It has been a fantastically busy and immensely satisfying year. By the time this application is due, I will have begun rehearsals for my third mainstage show of this year "Uncommon Women and Others" by Wendy Wasserstein, will be conducting research in my new lab job on campus, and my classes will be in full swing. It is harrowing at times to feel that my time at Cornell is quickly slipping away. The only remedy for this seems to be to utilize every second of every day to the best of my abilities and, in that, I hope I am succeeding.


Kathryn M. Cunningham
John B. Lynch Scholarship Essay

The past five semesters at the University of Pennsylvania, in combination with my eye-opening experience in the Gambia this summer, has cemented by desire to pursue a degree in medicine. Since the sixth grade I have been interested in renal physiology and have considered a career in nephrology. I have always been interested in the sciences and particularly enjoyed my biochemistry class this fall. This past semester I enrolled in five demanding classes, which made it my most challenging semester at university thus far, but arguably my most interesting. As I continue in my studies in biology, chemistry, and nutrition I am able to take increasingly specialized classes. This upcoming semester I am particularly looking forward to my two nutrition classes; "international nutrition" and "psychosocial, nutrition, and health."

I realize, however, there is much more to being a doctor than enjoying a biochemistry class. To decide whether a medical career was truly right for me, I applied to Operation Crossroads Africa, a summer program that sends students to Africa for two months of the summer. I had the opportunity to travel to the Gabmia, a small country in West Africa, with a group of eight other students to work in a rural hospital. At the hospital I helped midwives deliver infants, assisted surgeons in surgeries, distributed malaria medication in the pharmacy, aided doctors in some basis diagnoses, along with many other tasks. The trip was an emotional roller coaster. The children playing in front of the house made you laugh on minute, and then a newborn infant would die in the maternity ward the next. This experience not only confirmed my desire to pursue an M.D. but also has led to an extensive service project since my return. The need for constant electricity was apparent at the hospital, so I have established a fund through a local foundation to raise the funds to purchase solar panels for the hospital. The hospital currently runs on limited generators which allows for only eight hours of power a day. Constant electricity, achieved by the purchase and installation of solar panels, would allow the hospital to have running water all day long and thus improve sanitation. It would also allow the hospital to sustain a much needed incubator, permit surgeries to occur whenever needed, and would grant the lab extended hours to make more diagnoses. Finally, constant power would allow for constant refrigeration and thus prevent vaccines from spoiling and permit the creation of a blood bank.

Solar panels for the hospital cost $300,000. To reach this goal I have established a Board of Directors and Advisory Committee, along with several other sub-committees, incorporating influential people in the northern Delaware community. I spend several hours each day on this project. With this project along with my challenging academic schedule and other extracurricular activities I am unable to commit the time to work during the school year, much to the chagrin of my parents who are ever sending me more money for food and rent.


Christopher A. Perella
John B. Lynch Scholarship Essay

This new year has brought a number of new and interesting challenges and experiences to my life, and several developments leave me eager to take on the upcoming year and its academic and personal opportunities. During the past year, Iíve become an English major, as well as a Spanish minor, and I have begun taking a course load that largely reflects these concentrations. Through this change, I have begun to find new academic interests and strengths, including journalism, for which I recently completed an introduction class. In addition, Iíve become close with several members of the English department, giving me a sense of community and importance that I had not had before. My Spanish minor has led me to decide to study abroad this coming spring, in Madrid, Spain. Though the program is English, and I will be taking a couple of courses spoken in English, my two Spanish courses and, obviously, my environment will hopefully lead me to a much better grasp if the language, one of my major academic goals in the coming year.

Much of what I hope to accomplish in this next year centers around my traveling. I will be in Madrid for over four months, during which time I will see London, Paris, Prague and Amsterdam, among other cities. Following this, I plan to continue in my role as manager of the band Long Walk Home, a young Philadelphia-based band who has developed immensely over the past two years, and who I have begun to successfully find gigs for at significant and rather famous venues. We have high hopes that our work with the band, promotionally and otherwise, will lead to quite a bit of traveling over the summer, as we look to spread the bandís following to various parts of the country. With these and my study abroad experiences, Iíve applied for the Summer Scholars program at St. Josephís. The program entails finding a willing faculty mentor to sponsor a summer-long project of some sort; mine will be to create a travel writing collection, with a comprehensive concluding essay which sums up the profiles of the locations which I choose. As people are one of my great passions, as well as traveling, I feel that my experiences over the coming months and the subsequent recording of them, for a legitimate and lengthy project, will be profoundly influential on me. I look forward to getting a greater and more complete view of intercultural relations, and the way that the world works. In addition, I look to have some great and truly fun encounters along the way.

My summer employment experience included mascot and other work for a local baseball team, the Wilmington Blue Rocks, for whom Iíve worked for five years. I also saw my first action as a camp counselor, and was a senior counselor for Wilmington Christian summer camp for eight weeks. This experience was a great one, as the kids were all fantastic and really enjoyed me as their counselor, which was a good feeling to have. I also learned a great deal about responsibility, leadership, dealing with parents, and relating to young kids. One thing about myself that I feel is important is the fact that, at this stage in my academic and other progress, I am quite undecided on what it is that I would like to do or pursue. This is something that I find relatively rare, for those in my year of school, and Iím proud of it. I feel that, rather than tracking myself strictly toward a career or path that I may or may not end up wanting, I would rather retain a relaxed but motivated approach, taking in everything that I can and pursuing interests in a number of different areas, such as writing, traveling, managing the band, involving myself in public relations and activities, and more. Iíve become very comfortable with the reality of my indecision, because I think this will allow me to be well rounded and to try many different things, so that I not only have many options open to me, but a great deal of wonderful and enriching experiences as well. Hopefully, such a mindset will lead me to find what I am truly passionately about.