J.B.L. Scholarship Trust, Inc.

Our Mission

The mission of J.B.L. Scholarship Trust is to financially assist deserving students principally in their post-secondary education regardless of educational field of study or financial need, enabling them to keep focused on their curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The assistance will thereby accelerate the students' educational and personal development and result in those who have the ability and desire to contribute meaningfully to society at large and their particular profession while being continually self-challenged with self-improvement.
February 2023 - Our new student portal is up and running. All New and Renewing Student Applicants interested in applying for the 2023-2024 scholarship period will need to register through this portal.  The url address for the student portal is:  https://jbl.awardspring.com/


Given our limited financial resources and the increasing number of students seeking financial aid, our policy is to provide financial assistance for academic purposes to undergraduate students attending college full-time and who, by performance, have demonstrated exemplary academic achievement.

Minimum Academic Requirements

For undergraduate students: GPA of at least 2.75
For graduating high school seniors: GPA of 3.0 or higher or most recent SAT of 1100 or higher.

Maximum Attained Age

30 years

Time Period In Which Aid Will Be Given

A maximum of 4 years (not necessarily consecutive) of undergraduate assistance, except when the normal undergraduate academic period is 5 years or if additional time is required to complete requirements for graduation due to life circumstances.

Maximum Amount of Aid

over the recipient's college career

Geographical Area Served

A grant is made to a qualifying student who:

- is currently graduating from a high school in Delaware regardless of place of permanent residence; or

- attends a college in Delaware regardless of place of permanent residence; or

- lives in the immediate area of neighboring States (PA, NJ, MD) regardless of where the student attends college. “Immediate area” is defined generally as that within 20 miles of the nearest border of Delaware.

A student who receives a grant while meeting the geographical requirement is eligible for renewal of the grant even if he/she is not within the geographical area served at the time of renewal.


 Current J.B.L. scholars seeking to renew for the following academic year -  March 31st

If you are a rising fifth year college senior, please email a request to the Trust explaining your circumstances before completing a renewal application online.
New Applicants
High School Seniors applying for College financial assistance - April 2nd

College Students applying for College financial assistance - April 2nd

About John B. Lynch

When he was a young boy, John Bernard "Mike" Lynch chose to enter Princeton University, passed the examination, arrived there, but with no money. He had courage and determination and Irish wit. Standing drenched and disconsolate in the rain on the day of his arrival, he literally stumbled on a job of carrying freshly pressed suits to his classmates. Once, when failure really was imminent, as he could not meet his fees, a well-wisher paid them for him, but remained anonymous. At the end of the four years, Mike had finished the work and gained the affection and respect of the other men in the class of 1913.

He was a man of delightful simplicity and quiet humor, with an almost incredible memory. He became President of the Siscoe gold mine and later the Siscoe silver mine, located in Canada. Through adversity and success, he grew in stature, gained in wisdom and came to a unique understanding of the basic problems that beset those who must dig and market gold and silver.

Student Essays

A Selection of Essays Submitted by Current and Past J.B.L. Scholars

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