2021-2022 Academic Year

Applications are comprised of two parts, Part I and Part II, and require the presentation of supporting documents.

Part I can be submitted online below, as an attachment to an email or through the postal mail.

Supporting documents may be uploaded online, attached to an email, or mailed.  Supporting documents for first-time applications include:

* two letters of reference, preferably one from a school contact and one from someone outside of the school community
 * a copy of the most recently available transcript
 * a small personal photograph
 * an essay describing academic and personal goals and plans,  employment, summer and other community experiences, and something about who you are.

Supporting documents for renewal applications include a copy of the applicant's most recent available transcript and an essay.

Part II cannot be submitted online at this website.  Part II must be signed by you before it is completed by the appropriate official at your school.  Part II can be submitted as an attachment to an email or mailed separately or together with other application parts.

All applications can be found as pdfs at the bottom of this page.  Complete instructions precede each pdf file.

Presentation Deadlines
First-time Applications  March 15th  (email/postmark)
Renewal Applications    March 1st

Applicants will be notified of award decisions by mid-June.

Online Application

Part I can be  completed online below.  

Renewing College Students

For applicants that have already applied and received a scholarship award 
Get Started

Downloadable pdf versions of applications

New High School Applicants Part I and Part II PDFNew College Applicants Part I and Part II PDF Renewing Applicants Part I and Part II PDF
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