Harry Iannelli

Starting my second year of college brought different emotions than last year when I had no idea what to expect, now I knew where to go, I had made friends, joined activities and live off campus in a house with five other people.  I am independently taking care of myself with a lot more freedom and with that a lot more responsibility.

Having finished my entry level courses, I have now starting taking the higher level courses in my major Accounting.  These courses are challenging but exciting because it will allow me to have the skills to move forward in my career. 

One of my biggest challenges this year came from a different front, I was asked by alumni of Alpha Chi Rho to take a leadership position to bring back a fraternity to West Chester’s campus.  It had been inactive since 2010.   There were a few reasons that I agreed, it will allow me to gain leadership skills, it increased my network professionally and I believe in the mission of the fraternity which centers on community service and honor.    There is also a significant amount of documentation and procedure that are required, this will help prepare for future business activities.

During the summer of 2019, I participated in playing American Legion baseball for the last time and continued to umpire for my local little leagues. I continued to umpire during fall baseball season and then worked part time at a local Hair salon.  Additionally, I volunteered at charities such as Gift of Life Family Donor House and Chester County Shine and Habitat for Humanity because this is still important and fulfilling for me.

As I start the second semester, we are actively increasing the membership of the fraternity.  I will continue to work part time at a Hair Salon where I reception until baseball season starts so that I can umpire for the summer. I greatly appreciate the support of the foundation in assisting me in pursuing my college education.

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