Jessica Price

This year, I took on the challenge of completing my first semester of college. I am enrolled at the University of Delaware as a Cognitive Science major with the Speech-Language Pathology concentration and Disabilities Studies and Psychology minors. My significant accomplishment this year was making Dean's list for the Fall 2019 semester and earning a 3.80 GPA. My college experience has taught me how to effectively manage time, prioritize my education, and find a healthy balance in life, to maintain a positive mindset. An additional accomplishment of this year was placing 3rd at the International Leadership Conference, for HOSA, in the Healthy Lifestyle competition. This project consisted of inspecting how my sleep schedule, along with other aspects of my life, could be altered to decrease anxiety and depression symptoms. This progress was illustrated in a binder that I presented to a panel of judges at the state and international level. Next year, I plan on continuing with the same major and minors. My career goal is to become a Speech-Language Pathologist in pediatrics or geriatrics. Being able to communicate is what makes us human, without this skill there becomes a disconnect and isolated feeling. In this career field, I will be able to recreate that connection and help others relearn, or learn for the first time how to properly speak, swallow, and express their thoughts through words or signs. I aspire to be able to make an impactful difference in the lives of others. In order for this goal to be possible, I need to maintain above a 3.6 GPA to be accepted into a graduate school where I can earn my Master's degree and become ASHA certified. On top of that, I desire to establish a well-rounded resume by joining more extracurricular activities, volunteer organizations, and internships.

I have accrued employment experience with a few different companies. In the beginning of January, I started at the University of Delaware's STAR Campus. My responsibilities here include completing projects for the Dean of College of Health Sciences, assisting patients with their appointments and directions, and delivering mail and packages. In February 2018, I started as a Treat Team member at Rita's Italian Ice. Through experience and proving my work ethic and abilities, my boss promoted me to a Shift Leader position. My duties included creating a healthy and productive work environment, maintaining excellent customer service, managing the production of business and orders, and tracking the financials and counting the registers. Through this job, I was able to accrue management experience. In March 2018, I became a certified soccer referee through the Delaware Soccer Referees Association. Through experience and developing a professional relationship with my boss, I was promoted to Senior Official. In this role, I educated players on the laws of the game, directed tournaments, and instructed new officials.

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