Growing up I was not familiar with the concept of race; mostly because I grew up in Nigeria, a racially homogenous country. I saw myself and the people around me as people despite our religious and tribal differences. Not until my mother and I immigrated to the US about nine years ago was race such an apparent obsession people had. It became evident to me very quickly that this obsession is systemically rooted and for this reason, some peoples' first impression of me would be on notions based on the color of my skin. Despite this, I still strive to be unapologetically me the best way I know.

The conscious reminder that I am Black has been a blessing moreover. I have been able to educate myself on topics regarding race and how I perpetuate detrimental stereotypes even within my own race. It has allowed me to deliberate on how I can actively work towards dismantling those misconceptions I hold while simultaneously advocating for others to amplify their voices. Soon I came to realize that the medical field is also a way that racism is perpetuated.

This realization has helped shape my academic and personal goal of becoming an OB-GYN. The particular reason is oftentimes women of color, specifically Black women, are underestimated when narrating their symptoms and health concerns to a medical personnel due to implicit bias. Having been a victim of this myself, it has become a driving force for me to want to change. I believe that if I want change, it has to start with me as the saying goes "Be the change you want to see." Hopefully, I can change the perceptions of other individuals as well in the process.

Moreover, my mother was my initial exposure to the healthcare field as a medical lab scientist herself. She continues to support and motivate me in all my endeavours. For this reason, it is a personal goal of mine to make her days remarkable; for her to see me in my future profession and I can boldly say it was a result of her supportiveness which fueled my determination that I am able to become a doctor. Currently I am a freshman Undergraduate student at the University of Delaware and although my journey is long, as many note when I express my dreams to them, I am willing and determined to make the journey and fulfill my goal. Lastly, I hope by graduation I am content with the decisions and connections I made, lessons learned and ready for medical school. I hope you consider me to receive the J.B.L. Trust Scholarship to help defer some of the high cost of tuition, and assist me in achieving my goals.

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Applications are available  to download or complete online.  Please  read through the instructions carefully and be sure to submit all requested supporting materials.
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