October 14, 2019

John Byler

I am the first in my father's family to accomplish a variety of achievements. My father was raised Amish, yes Lancaster County Amish, so he was not fortunate enough to experience the schooling and activities I have over the past eighteen years. First and foremost, I am an Eagle Scout, which less than 4% of all Scouts can claim. I achieved the rank of Eagle early in my Junior year of High School, after a year and a half of paperwork, approvals, prep work, project management, project execution and more paperwork!  Prior to earning my Eagle Scout, I became a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do at the young age of thirteen as a result of hard work and dedication for six years.

I am in the Jazz, Marching, Pep, and Concert Band at my high school, where I am the leader of the percussion section, and mentor to underclassmen. I have been a member of the All Catholic Concert Band and All Catholic Orchestra for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia since my Freshman Year. I had to audition and compete amongst seventeen high schools and their students and I was 1st and/or 2nd Chair percussionist for the past three years. I have performed in the Pit Orchestra for my school musical and I performed in the musical once again this fall. Outside of school productions, I also perform at the School of Rock, where I partake infrequent concerts covering classic and modern rock. I aspire to be a part of the College Marching band and hope to continue performing wherever I continue my studies.

Athletically, I played Rugby for three years at my school and have now picked up the sport of rock climbing, and also have a dedication to health and fitness. Lastly, I have a certification in CPR as well as my Life Guarding certification. I work full-time in the summer at my high school assisting the Maintenance Department and currently work part-time life guarding.   All of these attributes make me who I am. And what I am is a well-rounded, determined young man who would be a great addition to any university.

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